Proverbs 22:15

Becoming a mom is not just as simple as having the baby. Certainly, there is the pregnancy to think about being a mom. But what about the women that are being a surrogate, or will give their child up for adoption? These brave souls are birth mothers, but not "Mom."

Becoming a mom takes a lot of effort, practice and dedication. I don't think we ever get to the point where we say, "I am the best mother in the world!" Rather, through love we can say, "I am the best mom my child will have, with God's help."

How does God come into our lives as moms? Through us planning our day around when we can spend time with Him. Through us looking for opportunity to show God to our child. And always remembering to stay "teachable."

I really enjoy watching Supernanny. I watch for more than the relief I get seeing that my children are normal. I like it because I can learn new ways of staying tough when I need to and having fun with my child. It is through relationships with others that God can be revealed to them, and this includes our relationship with our son or daughter. As they age there will be some redefinition of my role, but never in the way that I stop pointing to God and saying, "It's about Him, not me."

Be encouraged, moms, to look outside yourself for help and inspiration. And don't be afraid to use the proverbial "rod of correction" literally :)


GiBee said…
I personally like it because it shows me other families that have worse discipline issues than mine does... and it gives me hope that my child will not turn out badly!

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