I was reading Genesis 1 today and realized that I serve a very giving God. He made the world, the universe, every living thing, and then gave it to mankind to take care of. He gave us the law, the rules that order how our world works and how our bodies work. But the greatest thing He gave us was Himself.

In the garden with Adam and Eve, He walked among them and had relationship. After evil entered the world, He allowed us to be miserable for awhile and work life out the best we knew how- then came God in Flesh; Jesus Christ.

Jesus came as a giving God as well. Giving not only unconditional love, but also rebuke, healing, encouragement, discipline. And then His life.

All this made me realize how selfish I am. Here, God did this great thing in giving us the world and all it's inhabitants and Jesus gave his life, yet I only think about wanting more for myself. More for my kids, more for my family.

Give and it will come back to you- that's a promise in the Bible. But again, sometimes we only give so it will come back, not because just as God gave us unconditional love, we can do the same. What failures we all can be at re-gifting God's amazing love, yet God is faithful and gently reminds us to continue on faithfully giving, even when it isn't deserved.


Ganga Devi said...
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