Trouble with Baby Food

Two days ago:
I took out a new flavor of baby food for Sam to eat. It was Mixed Vegetable. He didn't like it, so I brought out a classic that he loves, Sweet Potato, in order to mix the flavors together and maybe sneak the peas/carrots/potato puree past him. It didn't work, so I tried giving him just the Sweet Potatoes, and he still didn't seem to like it, I guess he just wasn't hungry. So I put the lids on both containers and put them in the refrigerator.

I totally spaced and got out another Mixed Vegetable, instead of the one from the fridge. I remembered that he didn't care for the taste (they say to have them try a new food over and over again), but forgot he already had a jar open. So now I've got 2 open jars of Mixed Vegetable, and 1 Sweet Potato. Oh well, maybe he'll like the Veggie... nope. So here I go again to mix in a Sweet Potato, and in a hurry just open a new one, instead of reheating the one in the frige. But, just as before, he took one bite and didn't want either Mixed Veggie or Sweet Potato. So back in the frige the 2 new jars go, with the original two.

Sam's hungry, I need to use up the left overs. So I go to get the Sweet Potato from the frige to reheat, and since Mixed Veggie and Sweet Potato are the exact same color, I have to read the tiny print on the plastic containers to figure out which is which [these are the new plastic containers that once you throw the box away, you have to get really close to read the ink stamp on the side to see the name, see the picture] and look at all four of them, only to realize that none are, in fact, Sweet Potato!

All four are going in the freezer until I can get him to eat Mixed Vegetable baby food. Even if it means I have to wait until he's 18 and send it to college with him


GiBee said...

Have you tried mixing applesauce or mashed banana with it?

Hunter hated the mixed vegetable for a very long time... by the time he was okay with it, we were moving on to solids... Don't even try the spinach... unless, of course, you're in need of a good facial! lol!

Maybe the frozen mixed veggies will still be good in another 17 years???

And, what is UP with those crazy Gerber people? Did they really have to use the smallest font possible on those containers? Don't they realize moms are already sleep deprived? It must have been a man's brainstorm.

So much for brilliant ideas!

Karen said...

Jack hated the Gerber mixed veggies. He would eat the Beechnut brand version, though. He wasn't a big fan or green beans, either, unless I mixed them with carrots or sweet potatoes.