My Plank

A good friend of mine (I'll call her Ann) is planning on moving to her "home country" in a few months. I'm sad, yet excited for Ann and her family, they will be able to experience something that not many do, and strengthen their family ties. But still, I am a bit selfish, I want to keep my friend where she is and with our wonderful routine of Tuesday coffee. It's been a four-year friendship that will probably survive the move and be stronger for it, but for busy moms like us it's hard to maintain a relationship without coffee and conversation (or the like). Ann's plan is for the move to be temporary, however, I know that there are no guarantees in life, and a year could turn into two or more. My biggest concern is that she may be leaving without having a relationship with God through Christ Jesus. I have been sharing my faith and reason for the hope I have with Ann for years. And what's great is I have seen a big difference in her. She used to look at me incredulously whenever I talked of answered prayer and "leaps of faith", now she actually requests prayer. Early on I shared the plan of salvation with her using stir sticks and coffee cup lids, but whenever I ask if she'd take the leap to accept Christ's plan for her life it's not time. And now, time is running out. It's time for me to be bold and loving, waiting for the Holy Spirit's timing. It's interesting to me that I am always encouraging others to share their faith, be bold for the sake of the lost, and yet wimp out with Ann. God has been dealing with me in regards to the specks in other people's eyes and needing to take care of the plank in mine (See Matthew 7). I wonder why it is that even though we are great friends, it's still scary to speak up. Maybe in the back of my mind I have a reality check that I could be rejected for sharing the love of God, but I need to push past my self-centered thoughts and focus on the goal: another soul saved. Pray for me, and pray for "Ann". God is at work in her life, it's about being sensitive to her needs with a great dose of patience and wisdom. Who are you praying for? When do you need to be bold, or wait for the proper time?

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