And no, it's not me that's feeling unappreciated! I truly doubt the person whom is doesn't need appreciation for his sake, but knows that it's healthy for us to notice all he has done. I should probably just start using the capital "H" and you'd know God is the one who often goes unappreciated.

My friend, an agnostic, has many needs that she's shared with me, and I've prayed earnestly about and God has come through for her over and over! From needing a nanny, to buying a house, to a great school for her daughters and a pay raise; God has poured His love on her. And she doesn't recognized it...yet.

I don't hold judgement on her, for I am the same way. For the health of my children, a house perfect for our family, to a pay raise for the first time in three years and His providing for all my mistakes through Jesus' sacrifice, I don't appreciate Him the way I ought. If you have a few minutes, sink into this song and let your thankfulness and appreciation for the Savior go straight to the Father's heart.

Your Love is Stronger
Jon Foreman

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