In just one week we will be starting homeschool for our 9-year-old and sending our 7-year-old off to public school on the bus. The 5-year-old misses the cut-off for school, so he'll be at home doing phonics and math. It was a leap of faith for us to send our kids to public school to begin with and a leap of faith now to begin home educating.

In three weeks we will be going to Disney World as a sort of "baby moon" with our children. Hubby and I had taken our youth to a convention last year to Florida and the day we spent at Disney made us realize we needed to take the kids in a year or so, and then a "surprise" baby helped us speed up the process. I feel a little bad for Baby, probably won't see Disney until he's 10 with how much this trip will cost :)

Speaking of baby, he will be a true blessing: Since he's going to come around Thanksgiving, it will be one of the few big dinners I'll have an excuse not to cook. And I do know that Christmas shopping will be done early (mostly the stocking stuff is my responsibility); and that Baby will be the perfect size for our church's first live nativity (provided it's not too cold!).

So that's all that's on my mind, short version anyway. I'm preaching again in a couple weeks, excited about digging into the Word to share for the glory of God, won't go into that now. So much to share now that I'm back to this dusty blog, but I won't bore you with too many details now, dear Reader. I'll save the boring details for another night.

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