Resurrection Sunday!

Enjoy the continuous hope we have in the knowledge that Christ has set us free from the bonds of sin and death! We no longer live but He lives in us. And because He lives in us, we are enabled to run on the heights and through the valleys with no fear.

Currently we still live in a dark and lonely world, but one that has been won. Life is not easy, it's not simple, and it's incredibly messed up. But we do not have to live that way. We can keep our eyes firmly fixed to the Author and Perfecter of our faith, Jesus Christ. He is the only hope this place has, and we are witnesses to His power and saving grace.

Christ has risen, just as He said! All of God's promises in Christ are "Yes and Amen." Do not get bogged down in the ordinary, press into the better things and grab hold of the Resurrection for yourself.

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