No Where, Now Where?

I've been around. Busy as everyone else, yet sadly neglecting my blog. Baseball practice started yesterday for the 7-year-old, I go to a knit/crochet club every Friday, and now we are now in the planning phase to homeschool next year!

Homeschooling have always been my heart's desire since my daughter was a little girl. But since my plans were not God's plans my husband and I sent her (and then her brother) off to public school. It's been a good situation for us, but last year when I went to put them on the bus to start first and third grade, I really felt I didn't want to do that again. The summer was so nice to feel like a complete family, and I love this idea (we shall see how it looks in reality) of giving my children the best education and the best start in life. Not all parents can, and I'm blessed to have the support of a husband, inspiration from my mom (whom homeschooled all but me), and the guidance from our Creator to make it happen.

I have to confess the plethora of home education materials is a bit overwhelming. It's not just one child to find stuff for, but three! And there are just as many opinions and reviews on each of the curriculum. I'm amazed at the resources available which causes concern that we may buy the wrong one and even more so, over-buy and spend way too much material. I have seen websites for used materials, but that's a whole other complicated mess.

So, that's where my brain has been. It's a good place, though and I'm excited to be here. Happy March!

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