Bored Post with Cute Picture

First day of kids back in school and a day for my "real" vacation. My company left this morning, it'd been 4 weeks of different relatives visiting, and the house was clean from having friends over for lunch yesterday after church. So I read a bit, watched a move, walked the dog, and played with Playdoh for an hour (with my youngest, of course!), and etc. Yawn. Vacation ends tomorrow, but I'm feeling good about a down day. I should've gone on the treadmill. Oh well, it'll still be there, like the chili pot from yesterday.

Tree is still up since I have been enjoying the quiet time looking at it. The tree is a "pagan symbol," but I believe God can redeem anything. And besides, it reminds me of years past and Christmas traditions of our Christian faith. So the tree stays up for a bit longer. If it would start being more of a nuisance and drop lots of needles I may feel differently about it.

I don't know why the post title is 2011. Trying to get used to the idea of a new year I guess.

Better post next time, I promise. :)

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