The One Year Bible

Reading the Bible through from cover to cover has always seemed like a good idea, until I tried putting it into practice. I'd get through the first few books; Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus... and then get stuck. By the time March rolled around I'd give up and get a bit discouraged about my spiritual walk.

So this year I tried just reading a bit out of every book, to try to get a small amount of each one and find out it's purpose for being written. That worked better, but still not a perfect system since I would forget where I left off, and sometimes the Chronicles ran together. The online parallel Bible has a great summary of each book, and that seems to be easier to see the big picture of a particular book. But still, I need to be the one in the Word, not depending on others to read it for me.

Other ideas I have tried include memorizing at least one scripture from each book, reading a chapter of both Testaments, and opening randomly into a certain book and reading wherever my eyes landed. I've even tried a few different reading plans. Some were better than others, unfortunately, still too much pressure on me.

It comes down to this: God doesn't care if you read through the Bible in one year or ten years, just that you read it! Picking up the Bible everyday and saturating yourself in a short passage is much better than becoming overwhelmed with the enormity of 1,189 chapters on January 1, leaving the Bible to collect dust on your bedside table.

So as the new year inches closer, think of creative ways to get closer to your Creator and His Word. Then share them with me, I'm very interested in what works for you!

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