End of It

This will be the last post of 2010. Amazing how quickly the year went, but I guess that's what we always say. It was a good year, for the most part. Some hard things, but some great things, too. In looking to the coming year, I probably won't do any resolutions, but will do a spiritual check-up and make sure I'm on the right track with God.

Spiritual Checklist:
1. Is God the center of my existence? Have I put Him in a lesser position in my life as a result of busy-ness?
2. Have I forgiven everyone who has wronged me (intentionally, or not)?
3. Am I reaching out to others' needs, not just caught up in my own problems and concerns?
4. Is my devotional life still as strong as it could be? Am I having quiet time?
5. Am I staying connected to other believers by attending church or Bible study at least once a week?

Dear Readers,

There is a life that is caught up in Self. And that life passes quickly, with little to show for it in eternity. Then there is a life caught up in Christ. This is a life richly blessed, purposeful and lived with meaning, even if few notice it here on earth. The Creator of Life notices and remembers, and will reward those who earnestly seek after His heart.

Make 2011 a year for the things that matter. The life lived for Christ matters, get on track with Him now and know you are important and loved! Seek the One that loves you best.

Happy New Year,

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