It has hit full-blown, the preparations and thoughts about the coming holidays. It seems like we were just celebrating the kids going off to school! And only now am I glad that we left the white Christmas lights on the house. They will be coming down in February, but it was our first time to put lights up so we weren't sure about the protocols when the lights blend in to the roof (excuses, excuses).

When I checked into my blog I couldn't believe how long it had been. I've been spending my time preparing for the Ladies Retreat that was last week, as well as deal with all the extra homework a third-grader brings home (did not see that coming and math is the worst).

Do your best to simplify your life this season. Sometimes we simplify out of necessity, but I challenge you to simplify as a discipline. It will force you to slow down and enjoy that which is really important and lasting. You will remember if your holiday was full of cooking prep and anxiety, but not what you cooked. You will also remember if you spent too much and the results of debt, but maybe not the things purchased.

So decide to make the holidays beautiful by keeping it simple. The old KISS method of Keep It Simple Stupid, should rather be KISS Keeping It Simple is Smart! Blessings to you, dear readers! Happy Preparations!!

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