Quick Minute

I'm preparing for a big wedding tonight and tomorrow. The couples has one of those God-sized stories that just blesses everyone who hears it. Which is what I'm praying for tomorrow for my performance (and my husband's, we're "dueting"); that we'll be a blessing to the listeners, and the bride and groom.

That's the thing about any work. That it doesn't have to be just a job, or just a performance (no matter what the job description might be), it can be glory for God. There was a teacher I was listening to on iTunesU, who said that when we invite God into every part of our existence, including the papers we must write for school, or the check book we must balance for our home that He will turn it into a wonderful thing. Check out the premise and info on the book at

Anyway, lots of prep for that and for the babysitter coming by at noon. So I can't believe I'm blogging at a time like this, but really needed the 15 minutes to sit and collect my thoughts. Coming soon: Why I Love Fall!!!

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