I love fall for it's color, it's smell and it's suggestion. Fall suggests that change is coming. That soon all that we see will be transformed into something different, but familiar. Maybe we can be ready for change like the maple tree when we stay attuned to the Holy Spirit's leading. We can watch for the way God is moving and changing things around us and then move along side of Him.

In Matthew 6 Jesus talks about the Pharisees and Sadducees being able to predict the weather by looking at the sky, yet not see the things that heralded His coming. They wanted a miracle that was huge and overwhelming, yet didn't believe the reports of the ordinary people (the shepherds and Magi) about angels singing and stars leading the way to a miracle child.

We have the opportunity to move in Christ and see where He is leading. Of course, knowing exactly what's going to happen is not likely (example: will there be six feet of snow, or just ice for our winter?). All we know is God is beginning to move and it's time for us to read up in His Word, pray up in the Spirit and strap on the full armor of God. We ought to be prepared in season and out of season, but when we see that the "season" is changing, our minds can be prepared doubly so.

Do not fear the changing season, enjoy the colors, the smell, the journey. Enjoy this God who loves us enough to give us gradual change and plenty of time for preparation.

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