We had a great first MOPS meeting. MOPS is Mothers of Preschoolers, a support group for women that provides fellowship, food and childcare (the best part, I think). If you go to their website (linked above)there is a resource to find locations around your area. Even moms without preschool age and younger children can be a support to the group.

Anyway, I'm on the "Steering Team" this year as the discussion leader. Basically, I give all the ladies a topic to discuss and then sit down. I did feel a bit of nerves with the group this morning, but thanks to the Holy Spirit, after I stumbled over my words at first, it all fell into place. I think the first clue that it was a successful meeting was when we played "Speed Date" and the sound level was at an all time high. All the new ladies were as anxious to talk and be heard as the returning ones. Yay!! God blessed it, that's for sure.

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