Summer Time Fun

To recap briefly the events of the past couple weeks: Brother Micah married a beautiful girl and my husband helped them find their first apartment. My sister moved to Austin, Texas two days after we left for the second leg of our journey. Brother Karl announced his new wife was pregnant. The kids had a lot of cousin time and very little fight time, wonderfully peaceful. Took a family picture at the wedding of all us kids with mom and dad- priceless picture in which I didn't look the oldest!

And that was just the first week. After that we went to the North American Convention of the Church of God (Anderson, Indiana) and were blessed, filled and refreshed. God spoke grace and truth the entire week. The theme was "Transforming Culture by Being the Body of Christ," a very timely word. Highlight: got to sit next to and rub elbows with, literally, one of the top 50 preachers in America, Dr. James Earl Massey. I doubt anyone is as impressed with my seat choosing ability as myself, but I felt honored for the 2 hour service.

Next week we're taking nine in our youth group to the International Youth Convention in Orlando. Will have husband's parents and brother to watch the kids, it's good to have gracious family that seems to enjoy being "imposed upon."

So that's all the update. I'm hoping all of my dear readers are enjoying their summer as much as me. God is up to good things, we just have to be mentally prepared to join Him when He invites us!

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