Family Ramble

One of my brother's is getting married next weekend. Another brother got married Memorial Day weekend, my sister has been married 8 years and three kids, so slowly, the "K" family is growing. It's nice and more the merrier, I always thought. There are nine of us kids, mom and dad are amazing parents and were more concerned about God's plans (for their family) than the world's perspective on what is perfect.

The hard part, I think, for my family will be finding out how we work together as adults. All the times I was babysitting and being a big sister (with the loads of advice and opinions) has to be replaced with being a good example and waiting for them to ask for help before I offer it. My sister, Eva, and I have learned over the years to get along and not be too pushy when we disagree. The boys (there are six of them between the ages of 12-27) may have a bit more to understand from each other as they mature.

There are big changes in family dynamics with my dad being different from his stroke last year, my mom needing to be more independent and in charge, and of course, teenagers. Lots of teenagers who went through all types of different life experiences. My slight concern is we may compare too much with each other, instead of learning the new love of adults for each other and respect for those who are different (or too similar, as the conflict may be).

Well, it will be an eventful week. Fun, of course, and a good start for Micah and his fiancee to have all of us at their weeding celebration. Hoping it will be good for the family and cause us to remember what we've been missing by being so far away. Love grows when it's watered. That's the only kind of rain we ask for next week!

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