Week 11

I started earnestly praying for God's help with my weight in December. Of course, deep down I was hoping I'd just wake up one morning and be 20 lbs lighter and able to fit into all my clothes. God doesn't work that way, I'm sad to report. However, after two months of praying my husband says, "Rita, I'm ready to get healthy. Can we work on this together?" Wow. Talk about an answer to prayer!

God does huge miracles for some. But some of the ordinary miracles we can testify to best are those that God did on our insides. This is my testimony. My husband and I started the diet/exercise program 11 weeks ago today. The time has gone remarkably fast, and we both are seeing results. David has lost 30 pounds, and I've lost 12. I'm now running (ran my first 5K last month) and doing some weight training. We are sleeping better, are less stressed, and our kids are picking up on some of our new habits. The other day, my 8-year-old daughter asked to walk on the treadmill for awhile. She was on it for 20 minutes!

And that is when it's worth the work. When you see those around you inspired to do something better for themselves, whether it's our co-worker or child. And then you know that it is one of God's miracles.


Suz said...

That is wonderful!!!!! I too am making progress on the road to fitness and feeling much better! Happy for you. And I love the way God moves, too.

Minister Mamie L. Pack said...

Awesome testimony. I am so happy for you all. Continue to press forward.