Man's Best Friend

Tonight I watched the last 30 minutes of "Marley and Me" with the kids. Although, I did know that the dog dies in the end (sorry to spoil it for you), but did not know that my children would pick up all the sadness and internalize it. My poor six-year-old started tearing up and said, "I think it's the onions you were cutting." So I sat down and talked through the fact that we'll be having our dog for 12-14 years and not to worry about losing her anytime soon. My eldest (8) just got a little red-eyed, but determined that we should be able to get another dog if anything happened to Ella.

Lesson learned: don't watch the serious stuff unless you're willing to put in the comforting and counseling that go with it. A friend said that she plans on paying her son's co-pay when he moves out and realizes he needs therapy for all the trauma she's put him through. I hope she was kidding.

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