Happy Mother's Day

As many of you know, my husband and I work every Sunday leading worship in the mornings and the youth group in the evenings. It's a great life that I wouldn't exchange for all the coffee-sipping, paper-reading peaceful Sunday mornings that so many people enjoy (even if they do still attend services). However, one complication for this life is that Mother's Day and Father's Day is always scheduled for us, often leaving us too drained to do much pampering of the mother or father. So this year, I selfishly informed the family that we'll celebrate me tomorrow, instead of Sunday. (Sidenote: I think I'd be happy with just a handmade card and sleeping until 9:30, but know that the kids are getting old enough to enjoy the other Mom's Day things.)

It's a good idea that I saw on the MOPS website. There was a mom who shared that one year life was too crazy to have a good Mother's Day brunch with her family, so they scheduled it for the following week and the tradition has stuck. Another family I know had to "reschedule" Christmas to make sure all the grown kids could be together. It was New Year's Day when they exchanged gifts and had the beautiful holiday dinner. Oh, and my husband's family always has July 4th fireworks the last weekend in June, so we can all be together.

Perhaps there is something we can learn from this. We ought to make the fun things in our lives really fun by making them fit us, instead of forcing us to fit them. The extra events that we do should be for the purpose of strengthening family bonds and making good memories.

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