Easier Said...

I love when the calendar turns over for May. It's so refreshing to me to know that the wet of Spring is behind us, and the best of Summer is ahead. Already, the temperature here is quite warm (86 degrees today), and I need to lather sunblock on four sets of ears (Hubby burns easily, too).

This May marks a good milestone for me, too. After months of praying God would help me get healthy, my husband decided he wanted to get healthy, so now we're losing and gaining (muscle) together. He does better at the food side, and me at the exercise portion of health, so we are a good team. Anyway, we began March 1 and have successfully made it 2 months of consistent health. I even ran my first 5K a few weeks ago (and finished in 34:40!). So that's been encouraging.

The difficult part for me is to be on the treadmill and doing weights and not see the number on the scale slide downward at a predictable pace. The encouraging side is some of my pants are starting to slide just a bit, so gotta jump down a size.

Getting healthy is easier said than done. But isn't that the way it is with most things? When God puts a vision in your heart for your family, or business, or finances, or health- it takes work to get the vision realized. And perseverance so that the vision doesn't become stagnant and fail later on due to neglect. A great book I'm reading is called "Visioneering" by Andy Stanley. It's all about living and realizing the dreams/visions that God has put into your heart. Of course, I'm a bigger dreamer than my husband, so I'm tempered a bit through him- but it's another proof that God has His own timing. Even in living health, there needs to be a plan, a goal and a commitment to sticking with it, even when discouraged. (More on this if you READ THE BOOK!!)

"New visions die easily. And understandably so. There is little to go on. Praying and planning willhelp you keep your vision alive...When your vision dies, part of you dies as well... Pray for the people who could help you launch your vision. And while you wait, plan! Develop a strategy. Dream on paper. Find the one or two things you can do and get busy." Andy Stanley

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