From Kids to Personal Revelations

I don't want to be that random poster, that leaves comments on everyone's blog, but then forgets to post her own. Yet, here I am :)

Can I just say SNOW! Over 30 inches where I live and more predicted for Tuesday and Wednesday. It's been a good couple of snow days so far, I even got to the treadmill for the first "real" session in a long time. That, and the crafts the kids did with daddy, piano time for me and my eldest, Lydia, a couple of fun movies and we're surviving and thriving.

We've been blessed to still have our power, some of our friends haven't had it since the "Blizzard of 2010" took it out Friday night. Cannot imagine how we would survive that with three little ones. I guess we could go check into a hotel like others have done, or go to the shelters that opened today. Yikes. Praise the Lord that we still are warm, entertained by each other and media, and looking forward to digging out the van sometime tomorrow.

Went to the library Friday morning about the time that the first flakes made their appearance and saw multitudes checking out stacks of DVD's and books. I did too. In fact, one of the books was "Dare to Discipline" by Dr. Dobson. So far it's been very encouraging for me to stick to my guns and balance love and discipline. My children do respond very well when I keep my emotions in check, but stay real with them.

The struggle we've been having is a little stubbornness with the baby of the family. Who now being three is not quite as cute when he's naughty, and badgers me until I "give." Gotta stop that one! My sweet, almost 8-year-old has begun some talking back and strange teen-'tudes that Hubby and I did not expect. And my middle-child is good as long as we stay consistent and attentive. Welcome to Parenthood! Don't always feel qualified for this challenge. Thank you, Dr. D for the advice, I shall endeavor to put it to good use.

The other book I got was, "How to Raise Children You Want to Keep" or something like that. I figure between those two books and this snowed-in opportunity for serious one on one parenting we should make some headway on the small troubles. It's a strange new world we have to face, but Godly advice from the Bible and a new perspective on what's going inside my small kid's minds should help me give my children the best start they can to this life.

I heard once that parenting is a cumulative event. We spend years telling our children the same instructions over and over and over. And one day we realize they just put their coats in the closet, or brushed their teeth, or applied Biblical teaching to a difficult situation, without me saying a word! Let's all keep on working toward that goal. With God on our side, we cannot fail- although we can make a million mistakes for Him to work on and forgive.

Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it. Proverbs 22:6 Never thought of myself in this scripture, only as a mom training my child. But I am God's child. He is training me the same way; in repetition and accumulation. And the results from His work on my life will be seen, eventually. Maybe even tomorrow when I do something the right way that I've always messed up before!

Good night and God bless you!

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