Family Ties

My sweet husband is from a line of very responsible adults, David is the youngest of five children, all of whom continued in their education going to college. All of them are still pursuing greater knowledge and experience in the professional and ministerial worlds. And I love them. I love the fact that they are just wired to pursue more. I've got a bit of that, too. But they are mostly serious, except for once a year during the annual "B-Family Fourth of July Fireworks Show" (it's always a week before the actual 4th of July and funded by the parents' credit card). Yeah, it's great. Join Facebook and see even Brother Jason with a sparkler doing a "liturgical" dance.

That being said: I miss my family. Recently it's gotten a bit harder being away from them. I go through phases of this, and now with a brother getting married in June and the knowledge that I'm going to see them and have all of us together, just makes me more anxious to see them. And unlike David's on occasion, too-serious family, mine is all about fun and the next fun thing. Not always easy for me, trying to be the responsible big sister (and not easy for my planner Grandmother). But I need that. I need the fun (and so does she!).

I'm sure at some point my siblings will grow up and become responsible, well-learned men and women. In fact, one brother, Karl, is finishing up college while working full-time. My sister, Eva, is mommy to three and doing great at that career. Micah, one of the middle ones, will be the first boy to get married, and we all know how marriage makes one responsible. And so everyone else will follow, too. Except for Evan, even if he should get married and get a job that requires a suit and tie, he'll still be fun and light-hearted; encouraging his brothers and sisters to get into all sorts of trouble! At least, I sincerely hope so.

Well, thank you for listening. Maybe this will inspire someone whose last name starts with "K" to come and visit (~hint, hint). Could I use any more parenthesis??

A shout-out to my immediate family members not mentioned in this post: Jens, Gabriel, Anna, Nate, I promise to embarrass you in front of my tens of blog readers sometime!

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