Small Steps

It feels like forever since sitting down at the computer to blog. Well, even sitting down at all. But it's a good busy, not a stressed, or worried busy. God has everything exactly the way it should be and I'll just follow where He leads.

Our church is moving to a school starting this Sunday. It's a step of faith, much like Abraham's, not knowing the details of the journey, just with Whom we are journeying. The church has the permits to build onto our current facility, expanding the sanctuary and adding classroom space. But we do not yet have the money, nor the bank loan. So it's all hinging on that proviso and God's provision.

Amidst all the flurry of this change I feel peace. It comes from many other small steps of faith taken in uncertainty and having God provide the footpath one moment at a time. That is the thing to know, that we would not be so comfortable in this uncomfortable situation if we didn't have that assurance of our faith.

My prayer for you is that you see every step of faith you need to take this year as preparation. God wants to work in you in huge ways, but all this starts out as small steps in the right direction.

So call that woman who seems lonely and invite her out for lunch. Pay off that credit card that has such a ridiculously high interest rate. Look at your children with their possibilities in mind, not their failings. Take that small step of faith and see how God not only asks bigger things of you, but is able to do greater things through you.


HennHouse said...

Thank you for writing this...

Anonymous said...

Thankful for this post. blessings.