The Color of Christmas

In an earlier post I talked about my mom's silver tree decked out with peaches 'n cream colored bulbs. Even the house had the peach and white lights. I remember one year when Dad had to go get replacement bulbs and bought out the rest of the stock in order to make Mom's matching house and tree a reality.

My sister, Eva, has inherited that love of monochromatic Christmas decoration. I think she went all silver, white and green this season. One idea she had for the green candles was to spray them with glue and roll in "sparkles" to break up the greenery on her fireplace mantle. I think it sounds lovely and she's promised pictures when it's all put together.

In our house, I enjoy decorating in a more traditional way with red, green, and white- but like my family, have to have lots of sparkles. A woman in our church eight years ago started giving me the hand-blown German style ornaments every year. After she passed away we kept that going by finding them at the after-Christmas sales (something that Ronna would be proud of, I'm sure). My favorite is probably the first one Ronna gave us, a large glass sleigh filled
with gifts.

Of course, I also have the kids special ornaments on the tree and all the gift ornaments from friends. It is a tree of memories as I did some editing of what got hung on it. Actually, the real reason only the important ones are hanging from the boughs is because our tree is barely five feet tall and on a coffee table because of the puppy.

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