The Tree

Christmas is coming, how joyful we will be. The family will gather around the Christmas tree.

This is the theme song that runs through my head as we enter into the Christmas season and the decorations come up from the basement. I think it's a song my mom used to sing, or play a lot.

Mom loves Christmas. When I was a kid she would start playing the Holiday tunes in mid-October and make dad hang peach and white lights on our ranch-style home to match her peach and silver tree. For a few years the silver on the tree was also the tree, one of those aluminum ones popular when she was a young girl. Of course, my sister and I begged for a real tree, but did secretly like the novelty of having a piece of history in our living room (complete with color changing light wheel).

I'm sure Mom is still the same way, and it makes me happy to think that I can make those kind of traditions and memories with my kids. It may not be a silver tree for us, but maybe if I found one (at a thrift shop how she found hers) I'd set it up just to have my mom with me in spirit for Christmas. Wouldn't my kids like that?

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GiBee said...

Oh, the memories. My grandma had a silver tinsle tree too...

I think the kids would love it!!! Shiny, fun, and different!!!