1. House stays much cleaner with an absent husband. I had heard that men make 7-8 hours more work for you, and now, I am a believer.

2. Kids complain just as much when you make French toast for dinner as they do for meatloaf.

3. Puppies are hard to understand, but fun if you stay relaxed.

4. I've thought about getting a tattoo. No worries, mom, I'm too "mature" for that. I think I'll wait until the kids have moved out so I'm not a bad example.

5. God story: A friend is looking for a job as hospital secretary and so visits our church to talk with the woman in charge of hiring at the hospital. This is the same job that another friend turned down, but because of it, also is coming to church.

6. One of my brothers is getting married in June. He's just 19, but that's how old I was, too, when I got engaged. Amazing thing is he is the fourth son, but first to be married out of the boys.

7. I've been blogging to avoid laundry. Enough procrastination!

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