My husband, David, is in Guatemala on a service project with a group from our church. They are going to be putting walls up for classrooms on a church and a few other things. Our pastor went down a few days early to teach a group of pastor's there, and to do the prep work (buying supplies, etc.). Anyway, he posted pictures of the place on Facebook and I don't know if it didn't make Hubby a bit concerned. Especially the toilet which was just a cement seat over a hole in the ground surrounded by rubble from the building project in process.

I had the privilege to go to Mexico when I was fifteen and it changed my entire perspective. I'm really looking forward to hearing how David's experience turns out to be. He emailed tonight and was impressed that they sold Macs in their "Costco." Not the same memories I had of the markets full of candy and fresh bread (mmm, love bread). Oh well, the people are the same, smiling and accepting. Making friends that will last a lifetime.

There was a little boy whose nickname was Paco who said when he grew up he wanted to come to the U.S. and marry me. We all thought it cute, I was flattered, and Paco and I wrote each other a few times. After that we lost contact. Two months ago I got a Facebook friend request from a Carlos and couldn't place the name. Turns out it's Paco. The age of small world and big technology brought us back in contact.

Carlos is married (phew, I'm off the hook!) and has a new baby daughter. I was blessed to hear that he pastor's a church there and is doing well. Goes to show, some of our briefest relationships can have a long return~so be careful how you treat those you come in contact with.

Just wish my Spanish was better. I can barely help a woman with directions at the DMV, let alone carry on a meaningful conversation. Thankfully, most people are learning English, too, so we can mix and match and find a happy medium.

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