Dog News

We finally got our dog! The one that I've been praying for, waiting for, and was not even certain would ever happen. And it was unexpectedly (although carefully thought through and discussed) a puppy.

We love the Boston terrier breed, they are the perfect family dog, low maintenance, energetic and a couch potato. The one we got is a little girl puppy. It is good that she'll grow with us, but a challenge (as I knew it would be) to keep the kids and puppy safe while playing together. But when it is going well, it sure is sweet. When it's not it's time outs for either puppy or kids, or both.

Oh, we named her Ella, with apologies to any human Ellas out there. It was my husband's name choice and it is a likeable name, a characteristic I want others to expect from her.

Ella does sit on command, jump on laps when asked, and chases her tail (silly since she doesn't have one. She also has occasional accidents in the house, but usually I'm on top of getting her outside when she needs to.

Pictures to follow sometime. She is a cute little thing.

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