GoD and DoG

We wait and wait and wait. God says yes and we still wait. And finally, in His time the thing that has been promised us is in front of us, or inside us, and in our hands. This may be a husband we prayed for and married at the age of 39 (my sister-in-law newly married Saturday), or the child we prayed for and finally carried to full term.

I'm waiting on God bringing the perfect dog for our family. I know it's not as life-changing as marriage and children, but in our family, the wrong dog could be the difference of happiness or stress, and argument between my husband and I. David is an animal lover by nature, but not when it comes to animals in the house... that's another story. I can't explain why I like dogs, especially dogs that like me back, but I do. And I've had the blessing of watching my brother-in-law's two chihuahuas the past two weeks and when they leave I miss them.

The dog I would choose would be any that is a good fit for our family. But David has to like it, so I prayed that he would choose the dog that he could like (and maybe love, someday?) and he chose: Boston terrier. That friends, is a double edge sword. It is a great dog that will fit really well in our family. However, Boston's are a popular breed, quickly adopted out of the shelters as quickly as they arrive, so we have a dog in mind, but can't find it. Yet.

Just like everything else, God will bring it in His timing. And it's been nice because I can gather the dog supplies a little at a time, David can adjust to the idea and there is peace.

Along those lines, I saw this video and hope you enjoy it too:


Nan said...

My husband is not a huge dog person each so you can imagine my surprise when he welcomed a second dog into our home in April!! He doesn't love dogs like I do but he likes our dogs... enough to talk to them in a goofy voice in unguarded moments. :^) Best wishes getting a pooch!

GiBee said...


After 15 years with a dog, its nice to have a quiet home again.

Wait. What am I thinking? I have a FOUR YEAR OLD!!!

I adore that little black and white dog on your slide show! So cute!!!