Real-Life Faith

What does faith in action look like for you? Is is handing out tracts in the park? Is it feeding the hungry every Saturday? Is it giving God the full ten percent tithe? Is it opening your heart to that hurting relative or friend even though every conversation drains you? OR do you turn away from opportunity to be a blessing and be blessed because of fear or selfishness?

It is a wonderful thing to have a saving knowledge of Christ (for you will be in heaven when you die), but your life's journey will fall severely short of it's full potential (and your full blessing) if your faith does not translate into real world scenarios.

As Christians we have a huge responsibility to stop being self-centered and think of others. Matthew 24:12 says, "Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold." This is true even for those who are professing Christians. Faith in action will look like love for others, and often requires dying to self.

"A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another." According to this scripture in John 13, love is not just a step of faith, but a direct command from Jesus. And it does take faith to be obedient to that command. Of course we have some great examples of obedient and faithful people; from Mother Teresa's compassion and love for the poor, to the grandma figure in our lives who never stopped praying for her children and grandchildren until she died. But what does your faith, your love, look like?

At one time Mother Teresa was not wearing the nun's habit. At one time that grandma struggled to find the peace she now exudes. But it took a real-life step of faith, a step of obedience, (which will never makes sense to those on the outside of a relationship with God) in order for those role models to become what they did. God gave them faith for each step leading them to that place of surrender, they did not have to become it on their own. Often we think we need to force ourselves to do something for God, but that isn't living in faith, that is just making ourselves worn out!

The best thing about real-life walking with God is that He will equip you for each step of faith. He probably won't ask you to do great things right away, He starts off with little tasks to obey. And when we obey in faith, we see results, we experience joy in life and a fulfillment in our Christian walk.


Dear Jesus, help me to be sensitive to obey in small things. I pray for opportunity to make a difference for your glory. Teach me how to love the way that you loved, and to give the way that you gave. I confess that I am not capable to take the steps of faith that you need from me without your help, so strengthen me please, and let me become a person you can use. Amen

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