Readin' and Writin'

I'm considering writing a book. I have the first line written already (sometimes the hardest part). I think it will be a story on adoption. The few books I've read on the subject have always been great, but there are too few in the fictional section that are Godly. And too, even if you weren't adopted, or even considering it for your family, we all have that basic need to belong and to be loved to which everyone will be able to relate. Just something I needed to share with someone.

My sister always said I should write a book on our family. Kind of like "Cheaper by the Dozen" written by Ernestine Gilbreth. Truthfully, we do have an interesting family story, nine kids, stay-at-home mom, and a dad who worked really hard to keep the finances afloat. Thinking about it, I probably could. I would have to ask Eva (sister) for stories, as well as the younger ones, as me being the oldest and more forgetful (as well as out of the house before 18) do not have the same memories. The only catch is that my family is "so stinkin' private" (thank you, hubby, for putting that so delicately) it may be difficult to get the really interesting stories.

I've always loved to read, and only a few times have books really fallen short for me. Usually it's either too many details, or not enough character development. Or this one book series that truly disappointed where the author did so much research he just "name dropped" Biblical and historical fact without any purpose... boring.

I always liked the thought of online books, until I go to read one and get bogged down with all the scrolling. Not sure if I'm supposed to print it out and staple it, or what. Perhaps I am old fashioned that I like the feel and smell of the pages, and being able to disappear outside to just read. I see other bloggers with online books to buy and wonder how good the sales are (not that I'm really concerned with readership, but it'd be nice to put in that work and have something to show for it). Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

I encourage you to write the uncensored version first! :) Then, of course you can edit from there. Go for it!!

GiBee said...

I say ... GO FOR IT! Write your book, or at least part of it, then work with publishers.

I personally would not do an online book.