A Little Less Lazy

Ah, laziness, how I loathe you. You come in many forms such as books, television, blogs (to name a few). You cause a multitude of problems, but have the same underlying theme; to make me happy for a moment, but to live with consequences for a lot longer.

Of course I wouldn't say I'm just being lazy, I'd rather call you by names that are more "educated". Let's see, in "procrastination" I am tempted to put off until tomorrow what should have been done today, with "disorganization" you make me think it's too hard to stick to a schedule for a smoother running house and family. In all this I am deprived of joy since I am always trying to play "catch up."

But now that I know what you look like; beware. I'm going to stop listening to your temptations and start living the way God intended me to; with purpose, with a plan, and with the desire to make a difference. And through this I will find satisfaction, fulfillment, joy, strength, peace, endurance.

The Bible says that I should study to show myself approved. That I should work with my own hands. That I should love the Lord with all my strength. All these things I have not been entirely successful at (it's way too hard), but with God's help I will get better. And you can, too.

Next blog entry perhaps we'll discuss the opposite issue of laziness, and that is overworking. Balance is needed, but how to find it? How to maintain it? And the big question: is it possible to think we are doing everything right and still not feeling satisfied with life?

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