I should not have been so bold as to post about developing patience. Yup, there have been a lot of trying moments this week, from kids attitudes and demands, to realizing deep desires have no fruition in sight.

I have this longing in my heart that has been there since I was a teenager. Many of you may have this same feeling. A feeling that there is something that we will be doing in the future, or should be doing right now, but lack resource or support from key people in order to see it happen. Perhaps it's just a timing issue?

The Bible cheerfully promises that God will give us the desires of our hearts. What is important to remember is if the desire is from God, then He will bring it at the proper time, no matter how hopeless things seem.

I have finally embraced my age (30) and want the next 10 years to be life defining for me and our family. The biggest hindrance is I don't know exactly what it is that will define us, although the longings in my heart are giving me some hints.

A bit vague, I realize, to talk about plans this way. But I am sure you have desires like this, too. Or perhaps, the desire has come about and you are seeing God working in your life. It's the anticipation of the future dreams coming to pass for which I'm earnestly watching. However, what I do know is when we are in God's will, there is a peace that we are doing exactly what we are supposed to be doing.

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GiBee said...

Honey ... I know what you mean, but right now... your life IS defining... as in... defining three little precious ones. Isn't that an awesome thought?

And oh, my word... I once heard a Christian woman say ... "Never, NEVER pray for patience.Pray for God's grace and wisdom to handle things that come your way."

Hmmmmm.... food for thought!