Temporary State

I had a friend over and she complimented my clean house. I told her it was an illusion of clean, because at any moment the door of the closet could spring open and all truth would be revealed.

Later, I did a self-analyzation and realized that the house appearing clean is not a magician's trick, rather, it is a temporary state of being. It's not an illusion because if the house looks clean, than it is (provided the toilet's been scrubbed). At any time it could go revert to it's disorderly state, but that too, I suppose, is temporary.

Maybe a little bit messy is good, too, so we appreciate order. I'm not going to feel stressed about the house's state anymore (with God's help). Instead, I'm going to look at both clean and dirty as a flexible, always changing state of being.

In our lives we have this same potential, but we don't have to live in fear that a closet is going to spring open and our truths come tumbling out for all to gawk in disgust. Through Jesus, we have been made clean and right with God. Unlike my living room, it is not a temporary state, either. But you have to accept that Jesus gave Himself for you, and place yourself willingly under the hand of God (a sometimes uncomfortable place to be- but there is love and life).

This is my post-Easter message. Don't live in fear of your past or dread the future. Decide that you want to have a "clean house" all the time, and know God loves to work with people to make them the best versions of themselves they can be. Kind of like me steam cleaning my carpets and putting all trash in the bin. Well, need to go do the dishes before my husband gets home. He's not nearly as gracious as God about my "messes."

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful post! I ask God daily to clean out what is not right within me so that I can be the woman of God He created me to be! It is still a work in progress but He sure has cleaned out a lot of "uglies" which I did not realize I had! What an awesome God we serve! AMEN!