When God says "no" do you still keep asking as if to change His mind? When He says "not yet" do you keep asking, "Is it time, now?" Ideally, we would ask (pray) until we've receive our answer, than wait on God for His perfect plan to be fulfilled in His perfect timing.

I've been praying about a number of things in the past few months, mostly about future plans and the fulfillment of some heart desires, and just now seeing God beginning to answer. Some things aren't coming the way I would have thought, but that is the best thing about God, He knows what we need, knows how much we can and should take on, and is with us on the journey.

I really dislike shopping for clothes for me (don't mind spending money, though). And my wardrobe is reflecting this in the area of "church clothes." I got a phone call two weeks ago from a friend who said God wanted her to buy me clothes for Sundays. Blessed beyond belief, she also said she would love to do all the shopping for me and send a box in the mail! I am glad that God had answered that prayer- even taking care of the detail from the first sentence: I really dislike shopping.

Another answer was in the matter of another person for our worship band. The congregation kept praying for a guitar player, and this summer I really felt led to learn guitar- not expecting to be able to play in worship as it's not the best lead instrument. We kept thinking God would bring a guitarist, but one time during a prayer service it occurred to me that we should be asking God for whomever He thought best for our needs. A few months later, we have a couple come back to the church who want to get involved with the worship ministry and the wife plays piano!

The other answer to prayer that I am seeing in my life is still a little private, but maybe I can share when it's fully realized.

The overall thing for me is I look back and see how God had been preparing me for the answers to prayer. His reply to my questions (that were in His will) was "not yet," and I had to go through seasons of training to be ready when God did say "yes."

Where is your heart desire? What have you been praying for? Understand that if your desires are lined up with God's, and He still is saying "not yet," it's probably for a season of preparation.

Now I'm off to prepare for my new wardrobe by getting rid of unused clothing- the church down the street put in a Clothing Donations box, and I'll probably be able to fill it with this families unworn (but still wearable condition) clothing. Later, I'll practice the guitar, I don't want to embarrass God, or my husband!

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GiBee said...

Girl -- you are doing GREAT on the guitar. I can't see you EVER embarassing either the Lord or your hubby!!! You are talented!!! I HEART you!