Being Real

At a Chonda Pierce concert I attended Monday night, the theme was "This Ain't Prettyville." It was all about being real and that the trials we go through in life are not "pretty," but how important it is for us to be genuine with each other in order to be ministered to.

Heard the same thing this morning on Natalie Grant's intro to her song, "The Real Me." It seems like God is trying to get something into my head. Not that I ever keep anything a secret, but rather to reach out to those who may have trouble being real. I know that others are hurt and wondering if anyone hears or cares. But to reach out means I have to not be so selfish.

On Sunday, my son, Matthew, had a hard day. During the children's moment, where the kids come up front for a prayer before heading downstairs to Kid's Church, he said to Pastor, "I need to tell you something. I'm mad today." Pastor replied, "You are? Let's pray about it." And actually prayed for Matthew by name. I tell you what, it brought tears to my eyes. Pastor listened, cared, and followed through right then. Pastor allowed Matthew to be real, and it blessed my soul (and hopefully Matthew's too).

That's what we need to do! We need to listen, care, and follow through. Not nod in sympathy, gossip about it, and check out on our Sisters who need us.

Lord, make me an instrument for your glory. Help me to see people the way you see them, and care about their needs above our own. Overcome our self-focused attitudes and be "light of the world." You are healer, but we are your hands. Help us to do what we can in Jesus' name. Amen.


Anonymous said...

Aren't kids wonderfully open and honest. How we can learn from them instead of tap dancing all around what is bothering us inside. That was a beautiful moment you had with your son. Blessings!

GiBee said...

I tell you -- it blessed me in church and it brought tears to my eyes then, too. It also brought tears to my eyes reading about it agian. He is genuine, and he cares. Even about the little children. I love that.