Tonight during our church's weekly dinner my now five-year-old whispered in my ear and I whispered back:

Him: I want something else to eat.

Me: What would you like?

Him: I want candy.

Me: Who has candy?

Him: I don't know.

Two things we can learn from this:

1. It's possible that this is the way God wants us to be with our desires, having faith that if He wants us to have it (whatever "it" is) than we don't need to know where it's coming from. We can just ask and wait for His provision.

2. But, there is also this side of the story. My son didn't receive the candy. And he could've accepted my offer for a healthier alternative, and been satisfied. We should be careful how we ask for things and with what motive. Are we asking for one thing and only one thing? or are we leaving the question open for God's translation and accepting his alternatives for the answers to our prayers that, in the end, will make us healthier and happier.

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GiBee said...

And then he comes to my class... where he might have -- or might NOT have gotten candy. ;o)