By Faith . . .

We know God exists and rewards those who earnestly seek him.

We give our tithes and offerings faithfully and without remorse.

We build when it seems hopeless.

We move when it seems foolish.

We have children and know God will help us care for them.

We receive back our dead (those who are unsaved).

We bless.

We prepare for the future.

We hold ourselves to a higher standard.

We embrace disgrace, when it comes to holy living.

We persevere under great trials, when it would be easier to give in.

We keep a day set aside for God, when it would be “better” to work.

We will conquer kingdoms, administer justice, gain what is promised; shut mouths of lions, quench the fury of flames, escape the sword.

We hold this as truth: God has planned something better for us and through unity we will we be made perfect (not lacking any character flaws).

We will run with perseverance the race that is marked out for us.

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