In church today, our Pastor showed us "Cardboard Testimony." It was a powerful, emotional video (which I've included below) and I hope you'll have a couple minutes to watch it. What I thought when I watched it, is how God sees us for our potential, not our problems. God knows our hearts, our minds and truly desires a relationship with us.

In youth group last week we were discussing "Who is Jesus?" For the close of the study, the teens were asked, "Why is it important to know the answer to that question?" Some said to be better Christians, or because it's good to know for our testimony. But what I thought (and vocalized, of course:) is that it's important to know who someone is in order to have a real relationship with them. It's not enough to know about Jesus, but we must go deeper and further into Him so our relationship has a depth like an ocean, not like a mirror (simply reflecting depth, not actually having it).

God wants a deep, meaningful relationship with us. Only in that depth is He able to do great things in us and through us. But we have to be surrendered. We have to press in deeper. We have to explore the potential of ourselves and the possibilities that God offers.

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GiBee said...

I just love this video. Watched it again over here, and cried again! I'm so proud that I'll be a part of that "welcoming committee" in heaven, and I'm just as proud that I support the ministries of our church!