Story Time

I've been reading the "Little House on the Praire" series to LJ, my six-year old. She loves it, and I love the excuse to read them. When I was a little girl, my mom read the series to me and now I can pass the love of a good story to my kids.

The only drawback is that my hubby takes turns putting LJ to bed, and he is starting to love reading them, too. So on occasion, I have to do a little "skimming" to remember the emotions of the story.

I guess there is one other thing. I'm really getting into the story now that I'm older. Everything means more. I understand the deeper implications of the Ingall's failed wheat crop, moving to make a better life, the ache of losing the family pet. Speaking of family pets, the chapter on Jack (the Ingall's pet dog) going to the "Happy Hunting Grounds" made me weep. So much that I had to compose myself a couple times and apologize to LJ. I was just a bit emotional for unknown reasons and LJ just thought it a bit strange.

My profound thought that I said to LJ after all that crying was that, "Tears aren't bad, just inconvienent at times." And we are only on book four out of seven still to read. Oh the inconviences we have yet to experience during bedtime story hour!


Nan said...

Thanks so much for the link in your side bar! :^)

Rachel said...

I read these as a child but I haven't thought about them in years! I need to go back and re-read them as well as Anne of Green Gables.