I'm a big fan of the Discovery show "Mythbusters." Even the kids really get into watching it, and it's science. Actually, it's what I'm watching as I type this. The episodes I enjoy the most are those that prove, or disprove, hot-button (to some) topics.

My favorite controversy they tested recently was the one about whether we've ever been to the moon. Were the pictures just miniatures? Was the funny moon walk just slow-motion? Can you leave a footprint where there is no atmosphere? Of course, more than I have time to mention now. You should look it up sometime. Very interesting.

Anyway, the Mythbusters' crew went to great lengths simulating all the conditions of both the myths and the truth. They found that the all picture's unusual shadows were cause by the reflective surfaces of the moon and topography. The moon walk is impossible to copy exactly, unless, you are in the moon's gravity. And the footprint? The moon's sand has rough edges, not smooth, so keeps the shape perfectly. The show's clincher, revealing truth from myth, was a laser from an astronomical tower in Arizona (?- couldn't find the exact location). This high-tech laser, connected to computers and angled just right was pointed at the moon, bouncing a signal back from reflector plates left on the moon by the astronauts.

Isn't this the way we can treat God? We ask questions of the Bible about the authenticity of it's claims. We ignore it's truth, substituting our own. We don't believe that God's words can actually work that He says they will, when the truth is as close as a prayer (like the laser, perhaps). Not long ago, I lived a life of joy and peace, even in times of uncertainty and trial. Then as I began to focus on the bad around me lost some of that childlike faith. As if it was not a good thing to be a Child of God, innocent and trusting. That there is some gullibility in believing in faith that God will do what He says He will do.

God spoke to my heart a couple weeks ago and reminded me that it is good to have a childlike faith. I remembered how it was nice not to worry about the things around me and just be a Daughter of the King. It's the way He wants us to be, depending on Him as Daddy. Of course there is growth in life with Christ. He requires us to put our faith into action, we shouldn't just sit in the stroller wanting Him to push us around the rest of our lives. Gently He teaches us to walk holding His hand, and then lets us have a deeper faith, a deeper communion with Him, following in His footsteps as we mature.

The Mythbuster life is sometimes too cynical. God asks us to learn of Him and then trust Him. There are those times that we don't get the clear answer we need and then we simply trust that God is still there. Often, He will give us a "Prayer Laser" if nothing else is working and bounce back the signal, "I am here. Have faith, Child, I'll never leave you or forsake you."


GiBee said...

Excellent post, Rita!!!

Just Me said...

LOVE this post! ( And myth busters too!)..but the part about the Prayer Laser!! Girl you are speaking my language! I'm gonna use that picture with someone this week, who is struggling with a few things!