Just for any of you paying close attention to my profile details: my age has officially jumped a decade. That's right, yesterday I turned 30. A month ago I had a soul-searching post about growing older, not really looking forward to it. I even went through a mild depression and had moments where if I thought about it I would feel mildly panicked.

Now that 30 has happened, I'm trying to stay positive (what else could I do?). Many women do much better and feel much better the older they get and I am determined (with God's help!) that I will do the same. Got to talk with my Grandma last night and she said that she spent her teens and twenties being unhealthy and making poor choices, but began to improve things as she aged. So I do have a good example to follow. My mom, of course, is another one who, although claims she spent her beautiful years pregnant, became more spiritually minded and God-focused the older she got. Another one of my goals.

More as thirty sinks in. But for now, I'm working to embrace and accept the new challenges that God has for me.

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GiBee said...

Happy belated birthday, sweet friend!!! Hugs and kisses to you!