On Our Own

My hubby, David (and 2 wonderful counselors), took six teenagers to International Youth Convention in Texas. It sounds like they are having fun although it is HOT there and poor guy doesn't like the heat too much. But it doesn't compare to the heat I'm feeling from three small children wanting to have fun.

In the three days since he left, we went to a friend's house, rented a really lame Disney movie, took them to Applebee's , and had to go to Wal-mart twice because they took forever to fill a prescription and attended a weight-loss support meeting (although, I think they got more done after we left early). All said, a good start to the week. If it wasn't for a required nap at 1:30 and bedtime by 8 p.m. I don't know that I'd get a break.

What amazes me are those women who do this all the time. They hold a full-time job and have children. Or those who have all that and no husband to fill in the gaps. I praise God now, more than ever, for my "gap-filler." It shows me the deep reliance that we need to have on God to be Provider and Help! especially when no one else is around. All the big things and little things of everyday living I couldn't keep straight, God cares to provide. I've noticed this even in the past couple days with David being away.

For example, I was feeling stressed about the kids getting to bed on time tonight, and breathed a prayer at 7:46 that they would be down peacefully by 8-God did it. The automatic door to our van wasn't working and God showed me tonight that the child safety latch was flipped on (didn't know we had one on that door). And I believe in faith that tomorrow my sweet kids will let their sore mother sleep in (I've started traing for a 5K and I need the rest), even if it's while they're sitting on my legs watching cartoons from my bed. Amen

"When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; And through the rivers, they will not overflow you." Isaiah 43:2

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