Summer's Beginning

This is when I feel Summer begins.

We're off to visit family and attend our church's annual convention on Monday. Thanks to staying with the grandparents, it's not a typical vacation where I have to keep doing everything for my kids, I actually get to sleep in, go to movies with my husband, go shopping alone and run miscellaneous errands unencumbered. Of course, there are challenges, mostly due to children's ability to act out when in new places, but if years past are an indication, it should turn out to be a good 2 weeks. Of course, it isn't the vacation of my dreams- anywhere with room service and fun places to explore- but has always been great for my head and healing for my heart.

Three years ago on this same vacation God told me that I could let go of the women's ministry at my last church. In the peace of familiar and peaceful places I cried a little for selfish reasons, but then let it go. Amazingly enough, God had been calling another to begin a weekly women's Bible study, and she probably would not have, if I had stayed stubbornly in my spot.

This does again tie into my last post about "being" not just "doing." Wonder what God has in store for me to not do? :)

This vacation will also be good for spiritual encouragement. Every year the Church of God (based out of Anderson, IN) holds a convention which I started attending before hubby and I joined the Church of God movement (a post for another day). I think this year will be my eighth convention (a.k.a. campmeeting for all the Old-Timers).

Convention is a time to see old friends, attend workshops on a variety of Church topics and join hundreds for great worship services. Two years ago I got to sing in the choir, and that was beyond fun, although I was pregnant and quite hot!

This whole post is just to let my faithful-few readers know what's going on with my life for the next two weeks. I'm really glad that my in-laws got high speed internet, finally, so I may even be able to post while away, no guarantees, though.

Finally, a huge "Praise the Lord" for His provision for my 8 months pregnant sister, her husband and family. They took a giant leap of faith and did not renew the contract on their apartment, now with two weeks left until they had to move out, the house of her dreams was up for rent. And they got it!

Happy Summer!!

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