Something New Everyday

You'd think that Sam being my 4th child in diapers I'd learn all I could about traveling with children. On a spur-of-the-moment decision today my hubby decided to take a long lunch and go with me and the boys on a couple of fun errands. Well, instead of going to the stores 6 minutes from us, we traveled instead 30+ minutes. Upon arrival at our first stop I noticed that my youngest had poohed on the drive and so I went to change him. Unfortunately, there was lacking the one essential that you'd expect to find in a well-stocked diaper bag. Yep, diapers. So I got to practice a technique I'd witnessed my mom perform once or twice with my siblings: "Make Do and Pray it Works."

I was able to fashion a diaper using just the things floating around the van. A roll of blue, lint-less paper towels (for cleaning windshields), a super-absorbent polishing rag (thankfully only needed a few brown leaves picked off) and a plastic grocery bag. I poked two holes in the bag for Sam's legs then folded up the paper towels and placed them on the diagonal inside the polishing rag. After that put the cloth around his waist like a cloth diaper (except a bit smaller) and tied the bag handles together, then pulled up his pants. Voila!

Sam did feel funny walking since the bag probably drooped around his thighs. And I wondered what people who heard him walk by must've thought of the sound, but we made it home safe and dry enough. So the second step ("Pray it Works") really did work, too.

What things have you improvised?


Eva said...

LOL-I can't stop laughing. So did you drive home w/o going to the places you wanted or did you finish the day out and then go home....
Miss you

GiBee said...

No, you didn't!!! Oh, poor sweet baby...

You just crack me up!!!

Michael said...

Right on my daughter! Seems to me when you were a baby we had diaper service. The first ones always get spoiled and by the third you are using old rags and garbage bags.

I bet Sam liked the "swish swish" sound.