Memorial Day

Today the sermon was on the "Why" of remembrance. "Why" it is important to remember what people have done and what God has done. The scriptural example was from Joshua 4, when the Israelites crossed the Jordan River on dry land they brought 12 large stones from the river bed. Using the rocks they built a memorial altar that their children would see and ask about. Then the parents and grandparents would be able to remember themselves the story of God's faithfulness as they retold it.

Near where we live there hundreds of memorials, monuments and statues. And yet, we don't always remember "Why." It is certainly a moving experience to see the names of those who sacrificed all for us and our freedom, yet we pass by and don't always learn the lesson. God wants us to remember. He wants us to know the hardships and the trials our country faced and see the wisdom within each moment, good and bad.

There was a man name Jehoiada who hid a baby Joash, raising Joash to eventually become king of Judah. Jehoiada was unable to pass on his legacy of Godliness to the King, but did influence his own son who made a hard, but right decision. (2 Kings, chapter 2)

What can we do for our children so they can not only see the memorials in our lives, but also learn from them to make their lives the most it can be for God's glory?

As we think of this, let's say a sincere "Thank You" to our Godly role models, our parents, grandparents, veterans and troops who live and have lived to make a difference and left a memorial stone we could build upon.

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Eva said...

ok, you mean the king who died was wicked...but Joash was raised to be Godly. Ok, it took me a few times of reading that to get your meaning.

Very true about remembering though, it helps us have faith for the future.