a BOLD witness

During youth group last Wednesday, I was able to share with them a little about talking to their friends about Jesus. It is always a daunting thought, introducing someone to Christ, but with the right information and plenty of practice, it can be less of a frightening experience. Here are my notes from that night.

1. Listen to the person's questions- allow the Holy Spirit to guide the conversation rather than trying to have all the answers.

2. Take opportunities to talk about Christ, even if uncertain what will happen next.

3. Don't force it- a casual conversation is best.

4. Be vulnerable- it's okay if you don't have all the answers (use that as opportunity to have follow up conversations after you find the answer).

5. Above all PRAY! Ask for moments to be a witness, for boldness to speak, and for self-control when confronted with challenges to your character or Christianity.

There are different ways to explain the gospel truth with unbelievers and one that I found very fun (especially for me) was using M&M's.

Dark Chocolate is to remind us of sin (sometimes we may feel that way eating it, too). Although sin may be pleasurable for a season, it separates us from God.
Yellow is to remind us of heaven which is waiting for all who believe.
Red is for the blood of Jesus shed for our sins and through which we are saved.
Blue is to represent purity before God and the washing away of our sins when we accept that Jesus' death paid for our sins.
Green is to encourage us to grow in God by going to a Bible believing church, reading the Bible and praying.
Orange has no purpose (except yummy-ness), but if all we did was hold onto it and never eat it, it would leave a chocolate stain on our hands and leave chocolate fingerprints on everything we touched. That is why it is important to remain close God, and allow Him to continually keep us "clean" so we don't leave sin-imprints on the world around us.

Now I didn't go into the detail that it could be taken, and I do understand that it's rough, but I am in this journey, too, and don't yet have this witnessing thing down.

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GiBee said...

Excellent!! Salvation M&M's -- cool tool!