Thankful Thursday

A friend of mine keeps a Thankful Journal that she writes in every night (or at least tries to). It is a wonderful thing that helps her keep priorities in line and even when she and her husband have argued about something, writing down why she is thankful for him allows her to put it into perspective. Since I don't have that, and barely keep up with my other writings I take moments during my prayer time and list off my thanks to God for His different blessings. Here are just a few from my "Ultimate Thanks" list:

My healthy children. I had a child who was born with a missing chromosome and only lived until 16 months. So when I am cuddling my sweet, 19-month-old son before I lay him down to sleep, my heart fills up with joy remembering what was and what is now.

My "new" church. We came from an unhealthy church that was truly stagnating, and although it was a good experience for us (notice I didn't say "pleasant") it helps me know appreciation and love for this new place. The relationships are different, seem to go deeper and reach beyond the walls of the church. And I could ramble on, but won't.

My husband. Of course, I don't tell him often enough that I do appreciate his genuine love for God and his family. He wants to do things the right way and so does work hard at meeting my needs (when I tell him what they are in a calm manner :). What I most appreciate right now is how I told him that I needed a better morning routine and he made sure that we got it.

My family. I have wonderful parents whom are a great role models to me. My in-laws are exceptionally great at demonstrating unconditional love. My sister is my BFF and we talk on the phone all the time. My grandparents are examples of stability and health. And wherever I live I know that they all will be there for us.

Finally, I am thankful for frozen pizza that allows me to have a great day outside playing with my boys, plenty of time to blog about thankfulness and a clean kitchen after dinner, with very little effort. Tomorrow I'll bake the chicken and veggies I had planned.


GiBee said...

What a sweet, sweet post. We're blessed to have you in our church family!

Thom & Jenn Tobin said...

It is nice to be able to remember and be thankful for the wonderful things that God has blessed us with. It is hard to remember to always do this, I know I struggle with remembering when I am in the throes of fustrating children tantrums!
You lost a baby at 16 months? That is horrible! If it is not too hard for you I would love to hear your story sometime. tobinclan@msn.com

Sounds like things are going great for you in your new home town, I am happy for you!:)