Yesterday our youth (that my hubby and I pastor now) had a fundraising dinner and a show. The theme was Sunday Night Live with our take on Deal or No Deal, Whose Line is it Anyway, 6 fun skits (it's neat doing stuff that I grew up watching or participating in that no one else had heard of), and of course, my personal favorite, "Chubby Bunny" with the adults. This game is where you put one large marshmallow at a a time in your mouth without chewing and say "Chubby Bunny" until you can't fit any more in. It was fun since a man in our church, his visiting brother and nephew (Quacks) all played against each other.

We showed some funny Youtube videos. Including this one by Tim Hawkins called, "Cletus, Take the Reel" ("Jesus, Take the Wheel"). Watch it, it's really funny if you know the song.

I was really happy with how hilarious the whole evening was. People were laughing most of the evening at the skits and "commercials", and the youth came out of their shells. Only two slightly inappropriate moments that we couldn't prepare for (but made it that much funnier). Oh well. The joy of teenagers. The best part was we were able to make lots of money for the group. We're sending 6 kids to the International Youth Convention in San Antonio in July. It's a life changing event for many who go, and although I can't attend this year, I know it will be great.

Today I'm tired, but very blessed. God did a wonderful thing yesterday and I think it was a real morale boost for the teens and the congregation who came (I think there were 50 adults present). Next year, we may need to borrow the elementary school's gym if the attendance keeps getting better. But only God can top this year's presentation.

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